Let the Fall Cooking Begin: Roast Pork with Apples and Mustard

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that the fam and I went apple picking last weekend. 

(And if you don't, you really, really should - click here to follow along.)

Yup, that's right - I strutted my stuff around the apple orchards for all to see. Here's a lovely glamour shot for your personal enjoyment.

It was hot, we got some sun, our 3 year old enjoyed it, but wasn't very into the photos this year - and I paid the price on Sunday. But it was so worth it because now we have a HUGE bushel of all types of apples and the fall cooking can now officially commence. 

My first trial recipe was definitely a keeper: Roast Pork with Apples and Mustard from BBC Good Food, of course.

1 TBS olive oil
3 eating apples

Heat half oil in a large frying pan. Core and cut the apples in wedges, cook for about 10 minutes over medium high heat until caramelized and soft. Remove from pan and set aside.

1 lb, 2 oz pork tenderloin, sliced into medallions

Heat the remaining oil in the same pan. Fry the pork on each side for approximately 2 minutes.

7 fl oz reduced salt chicken stock
1 TBS whole grain mustard
1 TBS chopped sage leaves
2 TBS heavy cream

Add the stock and mustard to the pan, then simmer for 5 minutes or until pork is cooked through. Return the apples to the pan with the sage and cook 1 minute more.

Remove from the heat and stir in the cream and seasonings.

Serve with mashed potatoes and veggie of choice for a balanced and yummy meal! 

What about you, doing any good fall cooking yet?

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