Finishing Touches on the Shabby Chic Armoire

You probably remember this shabby chic armoire from my nursery plans post. 

No, well, I don't blame you - it's nothing spectacular to look at.

But it serves it's purpose. 

Actually, this used to hold our old box TV in the living room in our house before we moved to London. 

Needless to say, lots had changed by the time we got back!

Would you believe I actually picked this guy out of the dumpster in my first condo building in the city?

Looking at it now, I can maybe see why someone would just get rid of it.

But not me, I've got plans to dress this little guy up a bit.
Starting with the interior.

You've seen fabric lined bookcases and built-ins, well, how about a fabric lined nursery armoire? 
I think so! 

You may remember this fabric that I also used on my memory filled shadow box project.
That's the good thing about coordinating color schemes from one room to the next - dual purpose fabric. 

The steps are pretty self explanatory: measure the space needing to be covered, mark on backside of fabric and start cutting. 
Mr. DD handled the spray adhesive for me...such a nice guy!

On went the first piece and I realized I probably should of ironed the fabric first.
You live, you piece.

I won't bore you with a play by play on each piece - I am sure you get the idea.

But I will share that I found this dough scraper to be extremely helpful when it came to getting those annoying air bubbles and wrinkles out. 

This tool is so multi-functional!

Once all the fabric was in place, I used fabric glue to cover the seams with ribbon. It went a long way to cover any unsightly cutting mistakes - and, of course, gives it a nice finished look.

Time to stage; you know I love it!

On the top shelf, I've placed Mr. DD's baby blanket, mine and our oldest daughter's. As well as some more fragile items gifted to the girls. 

The bottom shelf holds an assortment of soon to be loved baby books, toys and stuffies. 

See that white polar bear hiding in the corner - yup, that was my very own lovey growing up, Snuggles. I'm not too proud to admit it.

A vast improvement over where we started! 
Wouldn't you say?

This corner is coming along nicely. I have one more project I'd like to include over here - but time is slipping away, so we'll see if it gets done. For now, I won't ruin the surprise.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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