Living Room Armoire - It's Done!

And I am loving it!
Tell me again why it took me SO long to do this project?

The suspense is killing you, isn't it?

Here she is before - in full rustic, pine beauty!

And you remember my inspiration post?


Here she is!

We purchased this bar the year we got married - almost 9 years ago now - and I have hated it for the last 8! It was in storage the entire time we lived in London and I used to fantasize about getting rid of it when we returned. But alas, it ended up in our living room. 

It's taken me the last 2 years to convince Mr. DD that we needed to refinish it!

I am so much happier with it now!

We think the finish looks a bit like tobacco colored leather.

I am sure you want to see inside.
 But I am telling you now, we didn't refinish the interior. 
Maybe at some point, but the outside was a big enough accomplishment!

It's a bar. 
Anyone that knows us should not be surprised by this! 

Check back later in the week for the tutorial, which includes working with Old Fashioned Milk Paint, updating rustic hardware, and much more! 

Update: Click here for the tutorial!

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