Ah, Memories - let's showcase them!

As many of you know, I am due to welcome our second daughter in a short 4 weeks!!

Things have shifted into high gear around here - I've got loads of projects on the go:
hoping to finish the living room, start transitioning to fall decor, and of course, update the nursery.

In terms of preparing for the new baby, I've managed to sort through all the old baby clothes - wash them, no, but sort through them - yes! Small steps. 

While sorting through the old clothes, I ran across my oldest's onesie with all her birth details - and I thought, I definitely need to showcase this.

I picked up a shadowbox frame from Michael's, borrowed a bit of fabric from an upcoming nursery project, found a bit of left over ribbon from the cork board project in the BGR, and grabbed my fabric glue.

Cut fabric to size and glue in place.

I used a bit of ribbon just to finish off the edges - again, just glued in place.

Then pin your item in place!

I decided to hang it in her Big Girl Room.

Mr. DD laughed and said she is going to love that hanging there when she is 12!

I am sure a lot of things will change in this room by the time she turns 12!
I'll take what I can get.

Until next time,