Ugliest Garage on the Block

With all the madness that is the completion of our dream kitchen and our spontaneous, last minute mini break, I realized I never shared our garage makeover!

Check it out - definitely the ugliest garage on the block.

Chipping paint, rotten wood, falling apart basketball hoop.

To make matters worse, when we decided to build the kitchen garden, we had to remove some rather large trees that were not only providing too much shade, but also hid a lot of the unsightly side of the garage; old rotten window, door and boards - yikes!

The garage was scraped and repainted; rotten boards replace; and a new paneled door and window were added. 
Ah, looking so much better.

As the weather cools, our plans for this new garden space are taking shape. We're thinking a small patio to house an existing table and chair set as well some new plantings. 

The front of the garage is looking a lot better too - now wired for a simple pair of carriage style sconces and a fresh coat of paint.

I'm realized to say that we no longer have the ugliest garage on the block!!!

Until next time,