Plans, Plans, Plans...for the Living Room

So, this turned out to be the week of food posts! Not really intentional, but sometimes you just got to go with it. You know?

Anyway, I feel like my head is full of ideas for the house. 
Perhaps it's the impending arrival of the baby - the whole nesting phase, we'll see. 

At any rate, now that the kitchen is complete - it's time to turn my attentions to our living room. 

Here are my thoughts at the moment:

The List:

Make and hang curtains
New pillows
Update the armoire
Update table between chairs
New chairs

Seems like a long one. 
And with little to no budget - this should be interesting.

Be sure to stay tuned as the updates start rolling in!

Other plans for around the house, you may ask?
Finish the guest bedroom (click here to see the progress made thus far) - kind of left you hanging on that one. 
Update the nursery and ready it for our new arrival.
Finish off the screened-in porch.

Until next time,