Summer Mantel

Last I left you, I had completed my mirror makeover and was in search of a final home for her to reside. 

Did you guess where she would end up?

Over the mantel, of course!

And now she is accompanied by her summer friends. 

Let's move in for a closer look.

This painting was actually the original reason for the mirror. 
I love this little painting on it's own stand, but I really struggled with where to use it. 
Layered with other artwork, always seemed to be too much. 

But it needed a support partner on the wall - enter the mirror.
Obviously the painting was the first item to be placed on the mantel once the mirror was in place!

My orchid just finished blooming, but I still love the shape so decided to include it set against the black backdrop of the mirror. 

And of course, no mantel is complete without candles - ambiance is everything in my book!

Now I know everyone loves a good before and after...

And after - Summer Mantel

Definitely a lighter look for a summer. 

Until next time,