Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - I can't seem to make one!

I'm back lamenting on my ongoing struggle to create a new color scheme in the living room/breakfast room with fabric.

Last I left you, I thought I had found a winner with the below fabric, which I envisioned as lovely window panels.

Well, evidently, so did everyone else as this fabric is now backordered until August! 
Not that that is the reason that I am unable to make a decision.

It has a lot more to due with our new built-ins and how little green you actually see from the living room now.
It suddenly seems silly to base entire scheme off of a 1/3 of a wall that can only be seen from one side of a room. 

Furthermore, if I ever want to change things up in the living room, having only one color in the window panels certainly doesn't give me a lot of options.

Thus, the search continues.

I recently stumbled across this striped beauty, which encompasses all of my colors - the yellow from the living room walls, the rusty red of the couch, the green from the breakfast room, and blue, which can be found in our current rug.

So what's holding me back? 
I'm not sure really.
I never really considered myself a stripe person - whatever that means.
And I worry that it will be just a little too dark.

But I just can't envision a floral on the window panels either. 

Where does this leave me?

 A wise woman (my Mom) suggested I buy 3 yards (approximate yardage per window panel) and hang it up to see if I really like it. 
Much easier to digest a mistake of around $60 than the cost of all the panels.

Decisions, decisions, decisions - I just can't seem to commit.

That being said, I did actually manage to commit to this lovely suzani fabric which I hope to transform into throw cushions for the couch.

Paired with the green geometric above, which will also hopefully be transformed into throw cushions, my living room is already taking on a lighter feel.

At least in my mind!

So, tell me, what do you think of the stripe? 

Until next time,