Welcome To My Kitchen Garden

I am thrilled to welcome you to my kitchen garden!

Although we had terrible weather in the forecast for this weekend, we ended up with some nice, long sunny days allowing us to put the finishing touches on the garden and finally get the plants in the ground.

Last we chatted, we had built the raised bed gardens and then the fence. For a recap, click here.

Next we covered the perimeters of the beds with fabric weed stop and then a thin layer of gravel to hold everything in place.

I love the way in turned out! 

And finally it was time to get the plants into the ground - of course, the whole family got in on the fun!

We used a combination of plants and seeds.

In the box furthest to the left, we planted strawberry, blueberry, eggplant and red pepper plants. As well as cucumber and yellow summer squash seeds.

In the back, we have a pot holding the mint and chives - these guys will take over your garden otherwise!

The middle bed is mostly plants - three types of tomatoes, two types of chili's, herbs, as well as radishes.

The bed furthest to the right is mostly seeds - two types of lettuce, arugula, beets, onions and potatoes. 

Our daughter definitely enjoyed planting the seeds the best!

Now the real challenge begins - remembering to water, weed, thin out where needed and of course, harvest in several months. 

We're pretty excited for all the possibilities - wish us luck!

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