Opening it up and Refinishing the Floors

Along with the kitchen remodel, we decided to open the wall between our living room and breakfast room as well as refinish the floors. 
Some might say, why take on so much? 
But we decided that if the house was already a disaster area, why not just make it worse!

Late last week, I walked in through the front door to find this.
That's all our living room furniture in our dining room!
Time to get the work underway.

I peeked around the corner and saw this...the new opening, looking from the breakfast room into the living room. 

Here it is, with the arch shape we requested to match the opening from the foyer to the living room. 

Next up, sanding down the floors.
When we bought the house, the living room had wall to wall carpet. Fortunately, the hardwoods underneath were in good shape, but the stain was a bit dated and didn't match the floors in the foyer and dining room.

Really making progress now.
And I have to say, they were pretty tidy. 
Nothing like the horror stories I've heard about sanding floors.

Here they are all stained and looking lovely.
Again, looking from the breakfast room into the living room.

And the living room.

We literally can not wait to move all our furniture back into the living room and enjoy the new functionality and flow of the room.

Unfortunately, it will still be a while. 
Yet to come, drywall on the new arch and in the kitchen - you know what that means, here comes the dust! As if it hasn't been messy enough around here!

Later this week, I'll post your weekly kitchen update as well as some progress in the garden!

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