Welcome to our temporary kitchen

Because I am sure that enquiring minds want to know, I thought I'd share our temporary kitchen.

Not too bad, right? 

We brought the breakfast room table and chairs down to the basement and purchased two banquette tables to act as our temporary counter tops.

This table acts as our primary prep space: knives, cutting boards, cooking oils, etc.

And this table houses our cooking items: coffee pot, toaster oven, and our soon to arrive hot plate!

Under both tables are bins filled with wrapped items that won't be used for next couple of months as well as a couple pots, pans, bakeware, etc all easily accessible on top of the bins.

A couple of $5 vinyl tablecloths from TJ's help to hide the clutter and make it feel more homey.

We also brought down our jam cabinet from the breakfast room. It's acting as our pantry. 
Like the Budweiser dart board peeking out from behind it? ha!

Such a handy piece of furniture. Wish we had been able to incorporate it into the new kitchen!

I'll spare you the pics of the old fridge which was moved to the utility room. 
And the big, ugly, old utility sink where we are doing all our washing up.
I definitely miss the dishwasher from our old kitchen right about now!

All in all, this temporary kitchen is working out pretty well - we are lucky to have this space while the madness and chaos of the kitchen remodel goes on above us.

If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen this picture of one of the meals created in our temporary kitchen. Grilled peppercorn marinated salmon, toaster oven roasted asparagus, and green salad with grapefruit, avocado and goat cheese! 

Until next time,