Demo - the madness begins!

Our massive kitchen project is finally in progress! 
Check out some of the pictures from the first day of demolition!

Kitchen (west wall) before.

Kitchen (west wall) after.
Check out that topiary wallpaper hidden behind the stove backsplash.
And now we know why the kitchen was always so drafty - no interior walls behind the cabinets! 

Kitchen (west wall) again. 
The soffit is still to be removed.

Kitchen (east wall) before - pantry and butler's pantry.

Kitchen (east and north walls) - radiators to be removed.

Kitchen (south wall) breakfast nook.

Kitchen (south wall) radiator and window to be removed.

Demolition goes so fast! 
I can only hope that the rest of the project will be just as smooth and quick. 

Next up: soffit removal, floor leveling, window replacement, door repositioning, electric and plumbing updates. Don't worry, I won't bore you with every stage! But you can definitely expect some highlights from time to time.

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