Step 1 of many on our way to a new kitchen!

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, this picture probably looks familiar to you.
Well, it's finally time for an explanation.

The dreaded wall paper removal.

I actually posted this picture back in January when we first started to remove the wall paper in preparation for our upcoming kitchen remodel!

That's right, you heard me, new kitchen!
Who is excited?!?!

Although we started strong, we hit the pause button (more than once) as we attempted to finalize plans for our new kitchen.

We made plans, and changed plans, and made plans, and changed them again - but we finally got there; the contracts have been signed and were hoping to start in mid April.

We've definitely removed more than our fair share of wallpaper in this house, but for once, I didn't mind as much because I am so excited for the outcome.


Good bye wallpaper!

In the run up to the remodel, I'll be sharing all the details.
This week, I plan to cover the new layout and inspirational images.

And in the coming weeks, I'll be sharing our ideas as well as looking for advice and opinions on appliances, finishes, paint colors and loads more.

I hope you stay with me as the project unfolds.

Until next time,