Do you layer?

What are your thoughts on layered rugs?
I've seen it with wall to wall carpeting and an area rug, but not too often do you see an area rug layered with another area rug.

Our living room is quite a good size, about 20'x 14', but the rug we have in there is not. It's about a 5'x9'.
Take a look...

I've never really drawn attention to it, so perhaps you've never noticed (she says, hoping!).
But clearly, it's not the right size for this room.

Of course, I'd love to run out an buy a huge 9x12 oriental rug to replace the one we have, but let's face it - that's pricey and it's definitely not in the budge with our new kitchen happening in a couple of weeks.

So while perusing one of my favorite sites, Overstock, the other day, I ran across a great deal on a 9 x 12 natural jute rug for a ridiculously good price. Coupled with their bargain basement shipping, it was definitely in the budget.

A wee bit of convincing later...

It's here!

Here's why I love it:

No more floating furniture or furniture coasters to keep everything from sliding all over the place!

I can finally utilize more of the room now that I don't have to crowd the furniture up to the edges of the too small carpet!

And I love the added dimension and interest it gives to the room.

So what do you think?

Would you consider layering two area rugs in your room?

Clearly, I am a convert!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

We've had family in town, so not a lot of work was accomplished, but I still have a couple of things planned out for the week. Come back and check it out.

Until next time,