A Pictorial Party Recap

Providing a couple images from our party is the least I can do, seeing as you all so graciously listened to my prep ramblings for a whole week. I hope you enjoy!

The living room decked out with food and drinks!

The dining room and Mr. DD serving a tray of Whiskey Snowballs.

The Bar

Why do people always hang out in the kitchen?
Which, as a side note,  is definitely the worst room in our house!

Thanks to all our friends for joining us for our 2nd annual February cocktail party!

And a very special thanks to our London friends, who read about the party here on Designing Domesticity and flew over (from London, for 24 hours) to surprise us just hours before everything kicked off! I swear, we would of invited you if we thought you would of come - lesson learned! You're definitely on the invite list for next year! Black tie required.

Until next time,