Creating a Welcoming Entry Piece

As you probably know by now, we are hosting our annual cocktail party this weekend, so I have been on the lookout for a special welcoming piece for our foyer.

I've scoured magazines, blogs, houzz, etc all in an attempt to get a bit of inspiration.

Unfortunately, it was all for not - as true inspiration struck while out shopping over the last two days.

Wanna see how it all came together?

I started with my basic materials - basket, bird, bird nest, moss, and hyacinthia.

I knew I wanted to incorporate a bird and my bird nest as they symbolize the coming of Spring and I settled on hyacinthia because they have the most amazing scent! And the purple works well with my outside planters and wreath.

I had a general layout in my mind, but it really only came together when I started placing the individual pieces in the basket. Dealing with all the various heights was the trickiest part - here you can see how I propped things up.

After fooling around with it for a bit, I realized the basket wasn't feeling full enough so I decided to incorporate a couple of moss balls I had. That's looking better.

I stuffed the remaining holes with burlap.

And finished off my adding moss to cover any remaining holes and the soil from the potted plants.

Now it's time for the glamour shots...

So, what do you think - is this little touch of Spring a welcoming addition to our foyer?

Until next time,