Cheap and Cheerful Vanity Update

We had a great time at our annual cocktail party this past weekend - I'll be sure to post some photos and recount some of the unexpected surprises of the evening later this week.

But in the meantime, I'd like to share this quick vanity update from our 3rd floor guest suite.

Here are a couple shots of the before:

Sink, before

Medicine cabinet and light, before

This bathroom still has a long way to go, including a new paint job - but we did manage to tackle a couple of the more glaring issues.

The faucet had a slow drip and no matter what we did, we just couldn't fix it. And believe me we tried!


So after a couple hours of this, we ended up with this...

That's better!

Finding a light to fit this space was a tough one - can you saw awkward!
This $13 beauty from Lowe's will do the trick!

I made this no-sew pleated skirt to cover the base of the sink.
Check back later in the week for a tutorial!



Still aways to go, but we're making progress!

Until next time,