More Updates in the Living Room

I'm still working tirelessly on my guest suite hallway, so in the meantime, I thought I would share a simple update from our living room.

It seems like it's been forever and a day that I have been wanting a different table between the two armchairs in my living room.


Sure, there's nothing wrong with these nesting tables, I just don't love them here.

I want a table that could hold a lamp, for one thing, and that I can accessorize. And I secretly want a table that would be big enough for fireside dining as well. Still trying to convince the husband about that one...

Over the weekend, I was sitting in the floral chair looking around the room, lamenting the fact that I have yet to change anything in this space, despite spending hours looking...and it struck me: why not just change out the table with the table flanking the sofa?


It all seems so obvious now! Although it's hard to tell from this photo (sorry, old photo, was so excited about swapping out the tables that I forgot  to get an updated before!) that is a drop leaf table, which would provide the much coveted larger surface space that I was after.

Presto - Chango!



Loving it. And loving that it didn't cost a thing!

What's the moral of this little post? Sometimes it doesn't take a big change to make your room feel different. And always remember to shop your own home first.