De-Christmas-ing the Entryway

It's officially, almost, February - no more excuses, the last of the Christmas decor must be put away!
That's what I thought to myself while I drove the car past our front entrance last week.

Someone must of heard me because the temperatures finally rose above freezing for the first time in weeks, so I got out there to work a bit of magic.

I removed all my red berried items and replaced them with white winter berries and purple eucalyptus. The majority of the greens, dogwood twigs and pinecones stayed.
(It helped that they were mostly frozen in place!)

After: Winter Entrance

I was really fortunate to find two huge faux branches of winter berries on clearance at my local nursery. A couple of clips later, I had enough little branches to accent all three planters and the wreath.

A little brighter - and a slight nod to Spring.

The eucalyptus came from Michael's.

Wanna see my new Winter wreath? Check back tomorrow to see how it all came together.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Until next time,