BGR: Stencil

Remember this image from my resolutions post?

Don't worry, it was just a place holder to help me decide if I really wanted a big 'BGR' on my daughter's bedroom door. As it turns out, I'm sure you'll be surprised to know, I did like it! 
Here's how it came together...

Gather your supplies - fortunately, I already had everything I needed from a different stenciling project that I have been planning for months and have yet to get started on.

I started with the middle initial.

The biggest piece of advice I can give when it comes to stenciling - secure your stencil.
It's nearly impossible to get a nice line with a stencil that is slipping all over the place!

Using a thin layer of paint, start at the edge with a stabbing motion. (make sure to hold the edges of the stencil flat!) Keep going until you've reached your intended color saturation.

The paint I used took 48 hours to dry! So slow; not sure what that was all about really. Needless to say, it really put a damper on this project.

One week later and I was ready to get started again!

The moment of truth...

Not bad for a first timer!

Seriously, though, this was a bit nerve wracking because my stencils weren't sheer; I had to kind of guess on the paint on a white door, I was definitely imaging the worst!

BGR = Big Girl Room

Because a special room deserves a special sign.
And because I'm proud of myself for completing the first project I started on this blog and my daughter is proud of herself for transitioning out of the nursery!

Seems like a good enough reason to me.

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