Welcome Home: Christmas time

When the front entrance to our home is decorated, I feel like the season is officially upon us. Anyone else share this feeling? Just me...

The big wreath on the chimney is up, signifying the beginning of the holiday season in our home.
Of course, all the snow on Saturday helped us get in the spirit as well!

I try to do a little something extra or different each year.
This year, we went with a lit garland accented with gold bows.

Three welcoming planters, staggered up the stairs.

A family of reindeer await you as you climb the final stairs to the front door.
Yes, I do have a love affair with reindeer this year.

A closer look at the gorgeous pots - a variety of greenery, red tipped dogwood (saved from last year - did you know you could do that?), berries and my favorite gold dusted pine cones.

A welcoming Winter front porch.

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