Spruce up a Basic Faux Wreath

Yesterday, I featured my Christmas mantel and wreath. The wreath was another semi homemade number, so today I thought I'd share how it came to be...

Basically, the idea to hang the wreath was kind of last minute. I had the mantel done, but I just didn't like the painting behind the reindeer (to see my Thanksgiving mantel and the painting click here).

I was worried about hanging a real wreath against the wall, so decided to go faux, but I couldn't find a reasonably priced, decent looking option (especially so last minute). So, here's what I did...

I started with your basic, cheap-o wreath

I spread the 'branches' out a bit to give it a little less of a uniform look.

Notice how it's looking fuller already? No? Well, it is!
Now, it's also has plenty of space to start adding different greenery.

I purchased two different types of faux greenery and clipped each 'stem' off.

First the leafier of the two was added...

then the denser one.
Notice how the variation in color and texture helps to make the wreath look more natural?

A couple of pine cones add a seasonal touch.

 Top it off with a bow and now we are really getting somewhere.
And all for about $15! I challenge anyone to find a realistic faux wreath at that price!

Is it obvious how happy I am with the outcome of this very last minute craft?

What about you - any last minute crafts turn out surprisingly well in your world?