Last Minute Neighbor Gift

We were thrilled to receive a last minute invite to a neighborhood get together, but with the chaos in the run up to the holidays, I was at a loss for hostess gift. In a pinch, I turned to the pantry and managed to throw together Vanilla Sugar.

This was so easy and inexpensive, seeing as I had everything on hand. Especially the vanilla beans that I happened to find at HomeGoods the other week for $3!

Start by splitting your vanilla beans and removing the seeds with the back of your knife.
Add the seeds to the sugar. For each pod, I used about 2 cups of sugar. 
Stir to combine.

Place the emptied vanilla bean into an air tight container and add sugar to cover.

This really should sit for about 2 weeks for maximum flavor,
but seeing as I was giving it as a gift that night, I just added a note which also included favorite uses.

A simple and sweet, homemade, last minute gift.