Best Laid Plans

You know how they say, when you love design, a room is never done?

Point and case.

I've been spending a lot of time in the nursery with my daughter lately (we're trying to transition to the big girl room) and I started to re-evaluate her wall decor. The truth is, I kind of slapped it together and moved on...remember the sparkly stars that she coveted as well?!?

Nursery before

Seems a little silly to update the nursery as she will (hopefully) be moving out sooner than later,
but a little change never hurt anyone, right?
Says the design lover in me.

So after a morning spent at the Land of Nod,
I came away with some lovely wall alphabet cards and a bit of inspiration.

I played with the cards; I arranged the cards; I tried with the cards - but nothing seemed quite right.
Finally, I decided that what the room really needed was a different tree - the proportions were really off!
 In the end, I found a great tree from

Long story short...

Nursery after

I didn't use the cards at all. I decided less was more and stopped (for now).

I did however, incorporate the leaves, owls, and birds from my first tree,
which made me feel a bit better about starting over.

Anyhoo, getting back to what I was saying in the beginning,
decorating is all about trial and error and it's never done!

This is a concept that I am still trying to teach my husband!

So now the question is, do I keep the cards for the big girl room? Decisions, decisions.

You can find out in the upcoming reveal at the beginning of the new year!