Ribbon Trimmed Bedskirt

I'm back with my ribbon and my fusing tape and I've found something new to embellish!

Actually, I saw this tutorial forever ago on Isabella and Max Rooms, ( who got the idea from Home to Three Duncan Boys) where she embellished a tailored bedskirt with ribbon, but something kept me from doing it.

I think in the end, I wanted a more feminine look. Ultimately, I decided on a ruffled skirt, which was surprisingly hard to source, actually.

Gather your materials, you will need:

Bedskirt, I purchased my ruffled skirts from Target
Fusing tape
Ribbon, I used almost 10 yards for one twin bedskirt
damp dish cloth for ironing

Start by ironing the bedskirt. No one wants wrinkles pressed into the ribbon!

Next, start on the back side of skirt, place the ribbon over the fusing tape and (following the directions on the package) iron on - this will ensure a finished edge to your skirt.

Following the top of the seamline of the bedskirt, place the ribbon on top of the fusing tape and start ironing! Remember to hold the seam straight allowing for enough ribbon to cover the ruffles.

My ribbon wasn't long enough to cover the entire length of the bedskirt. I simply fused the end edge over to keep it from fraying and butted the next ribbon, also fused end turned over, up. The seam looks obvious in this photo, but when it's on the bed it's barely noticeable.

Actually, the project took a lot more ribbon than I anticipated. In fact, I had to make a mid project run for more ribbon - guess I should of measured in advance! But it was all worth it...

How cute is that? I love it. The trim coordinates the bedskirts with the shams, making it one cohesive statement.

Our big girl room is really coming together now. Only a couple of projects remain before the big reveal.