Holiday Sparkly Placecard Holders

You may have noticed that this Thanksgiving I'm loving all things sparkly and pear.

So when I saw these little ornaments at HomeGoods, 9 for $5.99, I bought them straight away and went home to brainstorm what I would do with them. It didn't take long to come up with an inexpensive transformation that will last the whole holiday season - place card holders!

I snipped off the ribbon hangers and set to work with my wire. I used 20 gauge permanently colored copper wire. Here's how I made the wire holders for the place cards:

Three fingers of wire,

wrap around the top two fingers twice,

snip off the excess and twist the wires together - done!

Insert into the top near the stem. I didn't even have to use hot glue to secure it.

And repeat until complete!

This was such a quick, easy and inexpensive project - I wish I had bought more. And I love how they look on the table - definitely adds a bit of sparkle for any holiday table.

Holiday sparkle

You're also catching a peak at my Thanksgiving centerpiece - more about that as the holiday quickly approaches!