Fabric Covered Corkboard with Ribbon Lattice

This past weekend I attempted one of my most challenging projects to date....the fabric covered corkboard with ribbon lattice.

I've actually been putting this project off for quite sometime because I was intimidated by it and I have to say, rightfully so, even with two sets of hands, it really was tricky.

I knew I wanted to give it a tufted look, so I purchased batting and a heavy weight chenille fabric. I planned on using left over ribbon from other various ribbon projects (check them out here and here) in the big girl room as well as buttons remaining from my draft stopper project.

I started by stapling the batting to the center of my corkboard.

Then stapling the fabric to the back of the corkboard.

It's hard to tell how great the chenille looks on the corkboard from this picture, but it really does looks great!

The next step was to lay out the ribbon and attach to the corkboard. Seems easy enough. Unfortunately, not so much. In fact, I was so frustrated during this stage that I completely forgot to take pictures! Very unlike me.

Anyway...we tried several patterns and color combinations until we settled on just the right look. When we went to attach the ribbon (I was using a staple gun), it would shift and the entire pattern would be ruined. We must have re-stapled each ribbon and intersection at least 5 times. But we got there in the end...it isn't perfect, but close enough.

As a finishing touch, we added multicolored buttons at each ribbon intersection. These were hot glued on top of the staples. We also added a final ribbon around the entire perimeter of the corkboard, which was attached with fabric glue.

Special thanks to my mom, who was in town visiting for the weekend and probably hadn't planned on spending 4 hours covering a corkboard! I really couldn't have done it without her!

There she is all decked out and in place in the big girl room.

Phew, another project done, meaning we are that much closer to the big reveal.