Critter Draft Stopper

The weather is definitely getting colder and the drafts from our old windows and doors are rearing their ugly heads again!

Last year, we used a towel to keep the drafts at bay in my daughter's room, I think this year I can do better than that.

I thought about buying something, but then realized I could probably make something more custom to her room and for a lot less! The main problem,  I don't sew - so where to start?


My materials:
Over the knee socks, I found mine at Target
Felt squares
Poly pellets
Fusing tape
Glue gun

I started by stuffing the socks. I used the batting for the foot and combination of poly pellets (at the base) and batting for the main body of the sock.

Once it was sufficiently filled, I used fusing tape to close up the end of the sock.

I created a simple pattern for eyes and a mouth on graph paper and then cut them out of felt. I hot glued  some brightly colored buttons for eyes. And then attached these with more hot glue to the newly stuffed socks.

Voila! Stuffed sock critter draft stoppers - that's a mouth full!

My daughter took one look at them and said, kinda scary Mommy - not exactly the reaction I was going for, but that's ok. At least the drafts are being kept at bay!

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