More Touches of Fall Outside

I've been concentrating on my front entrance lately, but truth be told, lots friends and family use our back door as well. Fortunately, I now have loads of gourds that need to find new homes - so small touches to the back entrance will be easy this year.

I love the simple natural decor we saw in the Smoky Mountains and have tried to duplicate some of their efforts by placing a single gourd in various spots on the patio.

The patio table - a pumpkin combined with candles and Fall inspired plants makes for a simple display.

A cozy seat complete with a set fire, pumpkin, and Fall foliage is ready to be enjoyed.

And finally, various gourds placed in a lantern with a candle, light the steps to the screened-in porch.

Speaking of the screened-in porch, it's also getting a make over for the season. Check back later to see the results.

I'm also working on my semi-homemade wreath for the front door. Details to follow!