Mom Cave Organized

I swear, this will be the last post (for now) pertaining to my Mom Cave. I don't want to beat a dead horse after all, but I do want to share a couple last tips regarding the decor and organization!

On the counter top:
1. cork tiles - extremely versatile (I've also used them in the kitchen)! I use these to organize ongoing projects, either for clients or ideas for around my own home. One per project.

2. cork board - my biggest inspiration board, currently holding plans for our upcoming kitchen remodel.

3. dry erase calendar - great for organizing posts and ideas for upcoming posts.

4. magazine sleeve and filofax - great for organizing the endless references I keep on hand.

On the floor: I found this all cotton, 5'x 8' rag rug at TJ Maxx for $29.99. Such a bargain and goes along way to warming up the space!

Seeing inside these cabinets is nothing special, but in the interest of full disclosure, I'll give you a little peak.

Left hand cabinet - containers, mostly for plants, some just decorative. I keep vases for fresh cut flowers upstairs near the kitchen.

Middle Cabinet - decorative seasonal items: candles, shells, gourds, Easter eggs, greenery, pine cones, etc.

Right Cabinet - overflow kitchen items, anything relating to eating and drinking.

Craft Drawer - ribbon, scissors, glue, etc. Anything that I may need or have used on a project.

The open shelving holds most of my projects and helps me to remember what I have to get done!

If you look closely you'll see the clues to many an upcoming post...spray paint, caning jars, bins of fabric - it's all there just waiting for me to create.

I also have a wrapping paper organizer which I find extremely helpful for containing all the many bits and bobs that are associated with gift giving.

OK, I am fully aware that this isn't the most exciting post!  But organization is so key in keeping a home running smoothly and of course welcoming any last minute or unannounced guests, that I think it's an important topic to cover regardless of the excitement level.

Nothing in this space looks perfect, but everything is easily accessible and has it's own home, which makes tidying up and most importantly, finding it again, so much easier. Perhaps one of the reason that this space makes me so happy and has slowly grown to become my Mom Cave.