Mom Cave Basics

Phew, yesterday's Mom Cave (aka the laundry room) reveal was a tough post to write - initially the requirement was 100 words or less! That's not easy to do and because of it, I now feel the need to elaborate. Besides, I am sure you are curious, right?

I wish I had a photo of the TRUE before, but this will just have to suffice.

Prior to this there was: no drop-ceiling (just exposed pipes and holes leading to nowhere), one bare light bulb, no drywall, no cabinets, a non-painted floor, and windows that were old and leaking - needless to say, not a place anyone would want to spend any real time.

When we first moved in, I would literally put my wellies on at the top of the stairs and make a run for the laundry room. I should mention that this was proceeded by a pep talk about how I shouldn't be afraid of my own basement! I know, kind of pathetic.

A vast improvement over what we had started with - the laundry room stayed in this condition for almost a year.
But I filled the storage pretty quickly, mostly because it was never properly organized and then I started this blog...and I needed A LOT more storage and work space ASAP!
Some of the basics:
1. New knobs on the cabinets and drawers - your basic .99 Home Depot variety, but what a difference in terms of ease of access! Round Cabinet Knob - Polished Chrome

2. Baseboard - vinyl, self adhesive baseboard for a more finished look. (notice them in the below images) m d building products 2-1/2'x20'BGE Cove Base cove base self-stick

3. Storage - since additional storage was the name of the game, I splurged a bit to get what I wanted and really needed.

In this space, I used to have a rolling wardrobe rack, ironing board and drying rack. It monopolized the whole wall and was very rarely all being used at the same time. So, I consolidated with a shelf wardrobe.

Now I have room to meet all my laundry needs, but it's much more organized and streamlined. And the biggest advantage of all is how much space it freed up for additional storage!

Open shelving holds all my wrapping paraphernalia, gifts, ongoing or upcoming projects, as well as seasonal storage. Plus, there is room to expand, which is essential; I'm sure I'll manage to fill it with something!

And now I have a open counter space - room to create, organize and enjoy!

Ah, space for my Mom Cave!

Tomorrow I'll share how I organized this space.

See, I told you there was still so much to say - 100 words or less, please!