Fall Nesting Inside - it's about time!

I've been talking all week about my love affair with Fall decorating - today will be no different, in fact, it will be better. Because today is the day I'll share my interior Fall accessories! I'm so excited, can you tell?

Let's get started.

You've heard me say it before, a foyer should set the tone for the whole house. A welcoming spot, with a place to sit and a bit of mood lighting - that's all it really takes. Throw in a bit of seasonal decor and it's all the better!

Not a lot changes in my foyer, which makes it easy for me, but I do try to keep it seasonal.

Iron basket, draped in burlap, filled with apples, acorns, and gourds.

Moving into the Living Room -  you've seen my Fall Mantel, and the pumpkin on my sofa table, but what does the coffee table hold?

Don't under estimate the impact of a single item; a large chartreuse pear makes a bold statement. Notice how it plays off the green apple from the iron basket in the foyer?

Fall is a great time to enjoy the natural beauty courtesy of mother nature.

Basket of chippy wood ready for a long night in front of the fire.

My formal dining room is a bit more, well, formal. So the decor needs to be fitting.

White ceramic pumpkins coupled with an amber glass pedestal dish, filled with buckeyes, acorns, white pumpkin and gourds.

And finally, the sideboard.

A white artichoke planter filled with lilies, eucalyptus (left over from the wreath) and curly willow (left over from the screened-in porch), paired with a single white pumpkin.

What I love about this arrangement is how low maintenance it is. While lilies may not be the most seasonal flower, they are what I had on hand (a lovely gift last week) and thanks to some floral foam, will be easy to change out when the time comes. The willow and eucalyptus will last the season, making this a fairly low maintenance arrangement.

You'll probably notice that I used a lot of similar elements from room to room. Flow is so important - how one room works in conjunction with another - it should not be overlooked.

The iron basket in my front hall is the leaping off point for all my accessories. My pallet includes shades of green, in the foyer and living room; browns, in the foyer, living room and dining room; whites, in the living room and dining room; and finally some purples, starting at the wreath on the front door, carried into the mantel in the living room and finishing with the floral arrangement in the dining room.

Ok, this post might qualify as my longest to date. I've probably lost every ones attention so I'll save my last couple displays for tomorrow. Until then...