Welcome Home: Smoky Mountain Style

And now for the remainder of our North Carolina tour...

The second half of our trip was spent in the Smoky Mountains. We were lucky enough to stay at The Swag, which I would recommend to anyone, hands down!

As you will see, the location and scenery were outstanding. It's hard to notice the Fall decor in a situation like this, but it's there, and it's done simply and beautifully.

The Swag, main house

With a view like this, you don't need a lot of decorative adornment

Sometimes simple is best

I love how the orange of the pumpkins stands out against all the weathered mountain wood and stone.

The decorations here really highlight nature's beauty and the simplicity of it all. A couple of stunning gourds speak volumes.

I've tried to keep this principle in mind while decorating my Fall mantel this year. Hopefully I will be able to keep the theme running throughout my home. Check back tomorrow to see more of my season updates.