Not Quite Fall

I know I said I was taking this next week off, but I decided to sneak in one more quick post. Mostly because I wanted to take part in The Inspired Rooms Fall Nesting Party. I just love a good link party!

Here in the Chicagoland area, it's not quite Fall yet. Sure the weather has gotten colder, the days shorter and the nights longer - but generally speaking, I'm not ready yet - so it's still the end of Summer to me.

Just because it's not quite Fall yet, doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it. Fall is my favorite season of the year after all. So right now I'm in the staging process.

Here, you are looking at some of my Fall goodies - coming out of storage; all lined up and ready to go. I'm taking stock of what I have and taking notes on what I might still need. Still plenty of shopping time before the season truly kicks off, whether it be outside for natural decor or your favorite shops.

Mentally, I am placing them around my home in anticipation of the coming season (ok maybe a little more than mentally, but I had to make sure it looked right.)

All good plans need some time to peculate and that's just what I am doing. Is this how you operate too? I want to take my time and enjoy the nesting for the season. It's one of the best parts, in my opinion.

Check back soon because I will be decorating and there will be good ideas happening, at least I hope there will!

And don't forget to explore the link party over at The Inspired Rooms - tons and tons of good ideas for your home.