London Nostalgia: Hampstead

If you are just tuning in, you are in for a week dedicated to our time in London in honor of Mr. Designing Domesticity's jet setting ways.

Honestly, just a quick overview, really.

After a year plus in our teeny tiny flat in Belsize Park, we moved a bit farther North to Hampstead. Here we managed to score a detached home close to the Western Extension of Hamsptead Heath (this will probably mean very little to most of you).

As I mentioned earlier, it took us a long time to realize what a great set up we had in Belsize Park; here in Hampstead, we had a much bigger house, but we weren't very close to the village.

A quick look through the house:

Reception: living area

Reception: dining area

Kitchen: by far the nicest kitchen we had while living overseas. Very American with a full size fridge, double ovens and separate pantry. Needless to say, we were in heaven.

Hampstead High Street
For the first and only time while living overseas, we celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends and family visiting from America. For me, the holidays spent in this home where the most influential in my desire to create a welcoming home.
Here's the main reception decorated for the Holidays.

What did our time in this house teach me: location, location, location. But more importantly, how important a welcoming home can be; what a difference it can make to those who are traveling to see you - great distances or small. I knew from this point on that I wanted to make my home feel as homey as possible to all my visitors. Obviously, something I have become a bit obsessed with.

A great house - but it didn't last long; we moved a little over a year later to South West London.