Big Girl Room: the dresser accessorized

My progress on the Big Girl Room has been fast and furious as of late. I found a lamp for the dresser and have finished accessorizing it (amazing what I can get done now that my little one is in school a couple of hours a week) .

Here's the 'from a distance' shot:

I kind of struggled with this area, I feel like I might have gone too grown up; at the very least, it's something that she will grow into.

The 'up close and personal' shot:

I've chosen a muted lamp in a shade of green gray from HomeGoods for this space; I debated on a turquoise or yellow lamp but ultimately thought they would be a bit too garish. The clock and plant have been repurposed from other locations around the house; I love how all the grays work together. The tray is from Pier One ( I like the vintage feel and the antiques cream base color goes so well with the distressed dresser) and will be essential to keep the millions of barrettes, bows and silly bands contained!

Only a couple more projects remain for this room - those pesky bedskirts, which I plan to embellish with ribbon and a cork board for above the book shelves.

Then it's just a matter of getting the little lady to transition to this room, which might prove to be the hardest part of the whole project.

PS. I almost forgot to mention that the cute artwork featuring the Big Girl's name was a gift and painted by an artist from MI, Lyn Kostus. Look her up on Facebook if you'd like some custom artwork (or email me directly at and I will pass along her details).

PPS. I'll be off next week; check back a week from Monday to see what I've been up to.