No Cost Re-do

As promised, the details from last Friday's fun.

Here is the living room before:

As you can see, it's a big room with a fair amount of light coming from the large picture window. The color on the walls is light and bright and the carpet is very neutral. The furniture is currently lining the perimeter of the room, which definitely shows off the size of the room.

The client expressed an interest in having a casual living room with plenty of room for her kids to play. The living room also provides access to the front door, TV room, master bedroom, stairway and dining room therefore the traffic flow had to be a top priority. The artwork on the far wall is her favorite piece in the room and she is looking to get rid of the over sized chair and ottoman.

So, taking all this into consideration we worked on a new layout using her existing furniture and accessories. We talked about pieces that could eventually move into this space as well as inexpensive ideas to modernize what she has.


First, I moved the couch out from under the picture window to perpendicular to the fireplace. Next, we temporarily placed the oversize chair opposite the couch, with plans to reupholster an existing loveseat to go in that space in the future. The new arrangement focuses on the two focal points of the room, the fireplace and the picture window; it allows for easy access to all the other rooms; offers a casual spot for conversation as well as plenty of space for the kids to play. Taking cues from her favorite artwork and an existing area rug, the color scheme has started to come together - steely blue greys with hints of coral. And finally, the more modern photo over the fireplace was switched out for a mirror to reflect even more light into the space (unfortunately, we didn't get around to hanging it before I left).

Easy updates that won't cost a lot of money: throw pillows incorporating the new color scheme, new lamp shades, bigger area rug and of course, accessories for the mantel and tables.

I think the new arrangement works well for this space and meets all the clients' needs. Not bad for a no cost re-do!