Hand Embellished Blind

When we first moved into this house our powder room looked like this:

Think bisque-colored sink and toilet and yellow metallic wallpaper on all walls and the ceiling! It was obvious that they were trying to make the most out of a very small dark space, but I really wasn't feeling the yellow metallic paper. So, it had to come off. And then the bisque fixtures had to be switched out. And then we added bead board and it all started to feel a bit more like home.

My long term goal is to find a bold wallpaper. Nothing livens up a small dark space more than a statement paper.   But for now, we settled with a bronze paint color- something a little different, but not too out there.

I have continued to struggle with the window treatments. While I am aware that the plantation shutters are a nice traditional feature, I just don't like how dark they make the room feel. So where to go from here? I am thinking some sort of Roman Blind.

Inspiration struck when I saw this photo, but the color options were all wrong.

So I am bound and determined to make something similar using this ribbon.

Wish me luck as I am sure I will need it. I'll be posting the results soon.