Big Girl Room: The Challenge

Ok, so I have a confession to make...I have never designed a room from scratch. I usually have at least one of the pieces to begin with and then I build the room around it. That being said, I've never had a 5 bedroom house before either, so I guess I knew this day was coming.

So, my first from-scratch room will be the Big Girl Room. It's an easy place to start, the client isn't too demanding - or is she?? Depends on how nap time goes really!

Here is the room when we moved in (gotta love that carpet)

First things first, the carpet and curtains had to go. Then on a whim, when picking up a predetermined paint for the living room, I decided to randomly pick a paint for this room too. I don't usually make my decisions this way, but in the beginning everything was so overwhelming that I probably wasn't thinking to clearly. Anyway, I choose Sherwin Williams Timid Blue and the color turned out quite well actually.

Next, because I knew this would eventually be the Big Girl Room, I ordered twin beds. I covered them with simple white linens and inexpensive bed skirts from HomeGoods. Any other random blue accessories I discovered while unpacking made there way into the room as well. Mostly the door was closed and the room stayed like this for a long time. I know, knowing me, that is hard to believe!

Lately, now that our little girl is two going on 12, I've been thinking it might be time to turn my attentions to this room again. I need window coverings, storage, carpet, seating, lighting - the works!

The question is, where to start? Color scheme would probably be wise.